Dude Chooses Penis Vacuum Pump Over Surgery

Question comes up all the time: Should I choose penile surgery of use a pump. IMHO, the penis vacuum pump is clearly the way to go.


Because it's the most natural way to enlarge your cock. Period. I don't hold my nose up to guys choose the surgical road, but, man, it's not for me. 

Nor is it for 37yo Dutch from Toledo, OH. 

"My wife bagged me for having a below-average penis," Dutch recalled. "I explained that this was all I had to work with. She ran out the room. From thereon, I was on a quest to put some inches on my cock

"I surfed the net and found a surgeon who promised me girth and length. He threw a bunch of medical solutions at me. Ligament snipping. Fat transfer. Dermal graft augmentation. It got really complicated.

"I hit the boards and found a bro who was railing against penile extension surgery. Disgruntled dudes seem to be par for the course, if you know what I mean. But noted one thing that caught my eye. He actually decreased in size and got scarred!

"Screw that, man. I love my cock too much to go under the knife. Using a penis vacuum pump was a no brainer. Best choice of my life." 

That's Dutch in the pic. He emailed me, saying he put on three inches in six months. Now he's moved on to pumping his testicles. 

"I got the wife-situation handled," he pointed out. "Now I'm pumping for myself. I love the way I look and feel. Especially when I swell my scrotum five times its original size. I put on a pair of sweats and let the boys sway as my significant other runs for the door!" 

Right on, bro! Emails like that put a smile on my face, and confirm why I pump! 

Keep the stories coming.

Vacuum Pump Made Normal Penis A Monster Cock

Caution: The use of glass penis enlargement cylinders can grow your cock to such immense proportions that you'll have to buy XLL underwear. 

I shit you not. It happened to Perry S. of South Bend Indiana. 

"I worked out my cock using a Joel Kaplan pump," Perry recalls. "I purchased it because I wanted to put into practice some of the penis head enlarger techniques a buddy had shared.

"I started slow, guided by a penis pump video that came with my equipment. It was some dude who was famous in pumper circles as THE MAN who gained 6" in girth in some crazy amount of time like four months. I was enthralled. 

"I used my penis pump cylinder regularly. See, consistency is the trick. You go off schedule and your doomed."

I totally agree with Percy. Especially since he's got the enlargement results to prove it. His cock's as thick as an Easter Ham! 

"I'm so proud of my testicles," he said. "I diligently applied what I learned in that penis pump video, then put my own spin on it.

"I know I'm doing a great job because I have to get a new jockstrap for each session. Knowing my pumped ballsack can't be contained...that motivates me." 

You go, Percy. That fat hot of yours is looking great. Keep on pumping that nice tool, and, please, keep us posted each time you add an inch to your shaft. 

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A Vacuum Penis Pump That Works Miracles

There's a lot of naysayers out there declaring that penis pumps are hogwash. That's bully. The enlargement devices flat out work and PrinceK is proof!

He's a 32yo cock pumper from Akron, OH, who swears by the pump. 

"Show me the chump with the small dick hating on pumps," he says, "and I'll smother him with my baboon balls right here and now." 

Prince speaks from experience, my brothers. The guys a master penis pumper who's famous on the boards for delivering a cock the size of Honeybaked ham. 

"I'm my own motivation," Prince says. "I'm an egomaniac to start with, and most of my self esteem is based on penis size. Sorry, but it's the truth. I used to duck it, but I accept it now and life's been great ever since."

Hey, to each his own, right? In this case, however, I'm with Prince. You got a big ass dick, you call the shots. 

"I'm the alpha in my group," Prince says. "I pump my cock to the size of football and I'm getting the respect I deserve. If my nutsack's the size of a beachball, bow down, bitch! It's an unspoken rule that guys and gals understand, and I'm here to enforce it." 

Prince submitted the cock pumper pic above. He's just at that point where he's created the perfect vacuum. His nuts are the first to take hold. 

"That's me on a Sunday morning," Prince recalls. "I had just oiled up my dick and strapped on the vac pump. My nuts were tightening nicely. I couldn't have asked for a better start." 

Hey, Prince, keep those cock pumping pics coming, blood! We love ya on this blog. And catch ya on the forum!


Just Starting to Use a Penis Pump?

I remember my first time. I came into pumping with a bit of trepedation. I'd seeing pics of guys who had pumped their cocks up to the size of watermelons. On one hand it mortified me. I was confused why dudes would subject their penises to such distortions. On the other, my inner voice would whisper," My God, these men are artists! They are rebels, guys who take pride in the extreme and immerse themselves in the power of having a gargantuan monster cock and balls."

I researched penis pumps on the Internet. Not the kind that tout "use this device and gain three inches in size." No. My quest was for a pump that would inflate my cock to equal that of a stallion's (but bigger!). A pump hat would make my ballsack merge into one swollen mass of flesh the size of a cantaloupe.

I found one that fit my bill. It encased my penis and jewels completely. It came with the usual parts, a glass "jar" and a rubber seal. I remember the thrill I felt in my loins as the UPS guy rang my doorbell and left it on my doorstep in an unmarked box.

Now, I'm an average guy. Full erect I'm a 6x4. The key thing for me is not length, but girth, and I've got a good foundation. I've got good a good firm nutsack that can get close to the size of a softball during summer.

But when I pump, bro, I'm feeling like Mandingo, but more. I rock back and forth as I lumber about the house with my cock and gnards heaving to and fro. It's like I gained an additional 30 pounds and it all went to my crotch. That's exciting!

I believe I've experienced some longterm gains as a practicing penis pumper. I'll take those. But that's not why I'm in the game. I'm in it for the "now." I get off on preparing my cock for a 15x growth bubble. I shave my pubes and my ballsack. I rub oil and and lube on my parts, making sure to put moisturizer under the head of my cock and amid the folds of flesh where my shaft meets my pelvis. Often, I'll play with myself. I can't help it. Being so turned on I have to do something. But I'm always under control.

Titallated, I place my beloved cock and nuts into my jar pump. I kick back on my velour couch (I've already locked the door, closed the blinds, and have turned on the atmospheric music.). Then I pump, slowly asphyxiating my joint, feeling the suction and the oxygen deprivation, and the blood surging to my cock. My balls tighten and tingle. My cock leavens and the enlargement begins...